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Recent Entries 
26th-Feb-2009 10:55 am - Carnival
Hi ppl ;)

i liked so much my carnival!!! I traveled to Mangaratiba (in Rio) and i loved!!! ;)

I stayed with my family and my husband hahaha =)

kissus \o/
20th-Feb-2009 12:48 pm - Hi minasan ;)

Hello ppl ;)
Its my first time in here... my friend warumomo tell about it and i liked so much but only now i did my journal XD
I'll post my sweet things ( ha-ha ), I'll write here everything that I like (j-music, animes, mangas, design and pieces of me kk)

Kissus for all ;**

If you like design and PS visit here >>> www.imagevisiondesign.com

I am one of the designers ♥ I love so much IVD and my godmother Katikutaaaaaa ♥

I forgot to say my name... Sammy or Ale uhauhauhuha =~~
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